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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Blistering Toenail!

I didn't know that blisters can pop up underneath the nail until last night. I've had some discomfort on the toe (next to the little toe) for about 1 week. Apparently the old toenail has not completely dropped off and the new nail growing under it is pushing the old one up.

So it juts upwards scraping against the sock and shoe upper. There was some niggling pain. So last night after showering (to make sure the nail has softened), I took out the clipper to trim away the old nail and also the surrounding nail area. I must have burst something as suddenly yellowish fluid flowed out from the nail much like what happens when you squish a caterpillar.

Surprised, I quickly swabbed the area dry and squeezed the area to clear all the fluid. Then I applied gobs of Burnol (antiseptic) to the whole toe nail.

Tonight, I'll be icing the nail to reduce the swelling if any. The dull pain seems to have subsided a bit and I'll see how it goes. The last thing I want is to have the doctor cut the whole nail out.


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