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Monday, April 06, 2009

Why The Tripod Is A Necessity

This shot shows why a tripod is necessary. When you look at this shot, you know what I was trying to achieve but several things were wrong:
1) Disastrous lens flare from the street lights. I had my hood attached to the 18-200mm but it was impossible to avoid it unless I moved further up from my shooting location. I didn't have time and since it was just a learning excursion, I left it at that.

2) It wasn't sharp. But of course! But if I had my tripod with me, I could've used a slightly smaller aperture for a longer exposure. That would've made a tremendous difference. I now understand why pros lug their 'pods even for day shoots.

The short outing today was supposed to be one which I wanted to put the Manfrottos to good use. But the RC2 head's delivery didn't happen and the 055XPROB had nothing to be mated with. But tomorrow is when I hope to lay my hands on them and I've already got some plans for the Mannys! Heheh...

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  • I carry my pods everytime I go shooting. At times, I even carry both my mono and tri's! As long as you're going under the 'supposed' shutter speed for your lens (eg. you're using an 18mm lens and thus your minimum shutter speed must be 1/18sec) then a tri is a must if you want to capture a sharp shot unless, you've got ultra steady hands! Anyway, good to have to manfro's as they will serve you many years ahead.

    By Anonymous PM25, at 9:28 AM  

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