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Monday, March 30, 2009

You Fight This Damn Thing, Ngae!

In my books, there’s no stronger ox of a man than Ngae K.H. What else can you call a man who has completed a number of Ironmans, who considers it “only normal” (in the most humbling manner) to bike 300K and run a 10K race the next day before biking back the way he came? It is unlikely if you’re a weekend warrior or a triathlete not to know Ngae. He's also one who possesses a quick wit and self deprecating humour. One whom I remember launched into a dance routine after the same 10K by the beach. Conqueror of Marathon des Sables while raising thousands for charity. A runner who runs barefoot most of the time and in the rare occasion he was seen in a pair of shoes, the rubbers were the RM40 cheapo “village adidas”. Always ready with words of encouragement to us mortals and armed with a hearty laugh. I happen to also suspect his skeletal structure is made of steel (or Adamantium?). And today I learnt that he’s in post-op ICU following a brain surgery to remove a tumour. It suddenly made me feel very very mortal. If a superhuman like Ngae can be floored by this, I don’t know what to call it, thing, who am I? Ngae is now the 2nd friend in my running circle to have this disease. The running community lost a comrade-in-arms Terence in 2007. I may have just rediscovered my motivation.

Now if any of his attitude is to go by, we know he's going to recover and be very well planning his next ultra race or some daredevil exploits. So let's give him our encouragement and. More updates on Simon's site.

Top photo: Look at Ngae – all ripped! Photo from Simon's blog.

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