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Monday, March 23, 2009

If Scott Jurek Is Doing It, So Can I!

OK, except I do it for much longer. From his blog, Scott Jurek takes a 4 to 6-week break from running at the end of every season. That’s a complete break – no running. The distances this hardcore fella - a strict vegan - covers in record times over the years are out of this world. It makes sense that the reason for his longevity in his game be attributed to his ability to take time off. During what he calls his “hibernation”, he does a bit of cross training and enjoys life outside running. He found that the Kenyans too follow the downtime principles which he recaps as:

1. Take a hibernation break at the end of every season.
2. During the break, run as few steps as possible.
3. Eat well and don’t be afraid to put on a few pounds.
4. Make time for friends, family, and life outside of running.
5. Hibernate four to eight weeks or until fully recharged!

Now, I’m not a pro athlete like Jurek. I’ve got a crazy fulltime job going and managing a family life. So while my current hibernation is not in weeks but months, I’ll still have my cameo appearances to do at some low and short distance races. Granted, I’m already supremely unfit but I noticed that whenever I return to “active duty” following a long sabbatical, my performances are at a new higher level. Since I don’t want to sound like a broken record of talking again about my being away from the running scene, this post is just to remind one and all that it’s perfectly all right to take a break.

BTW if you don’t know who Scott Jurek is, check out his website or his blog.

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  • I suppose you can regard this year as a so-called "write-off". Like most things, they have their peaks and valleys. It is times like these that you become more aware (and probably more selfish) of the limited time you have to workout. I'm making use of whatever available free time I have to workout, provided there's no other responsibilities/chores to be done. OH WELL!

    By Blogger pm19, at 12:10 PM  

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