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Sunday, November 04, 2007

US Mens Olympics Trials - Joy and Sadness

My no-show in NYC has been more or less forgotten. I'd like to move on but the marathon trials is just too big an even to ignore. I've been following the Chasing Glory videos quite closely and I know that the big guns are all out this year. I agree that it's the best spell in a long time for the US in terms of distance running and the young guns are challenging the vets for just 3 spots when there are easily 7 to 8 who are strong enough for the team.

By the time I returned from FRIM - setting up for this morning's fun run - I quickly powered up my computer and tried to log on to the live streaming of the race. But a glitch prevented not only international viewers but the US fans as well. US fans finally got their video much later. Thankfully RW has a play-by-play over the miles and as I chomped down my tofu, veg and chicken dinner, my fingers were hitting the browser refresh button.

I'm in need of a nap now, so won't rewrite the entire drama. I'd seriously recommend you to read the gripping reports in the links below.

Photo taken before the race. Middle is Ryan Hall, Dathan Ritzenhein (a young Dad) and Brian Sell (also a young Dad who also works to supplement his racing income). That's the order they qualified. On the leftmost is Alan Culpepper and Abdi Abdirahman (who both dropped out of the race).

Photo after the race. See? They're in the same order!

Read the race report
here and here.

Stunning photos
here and here.

Me and Brian Sell. The picture was of him on point in the 2004 Trials. This time in NYC he ran a patient, disciplined and intelligent race.

On another note, veteran marathoner Ryan Shay passed away after collapsing in the early miles of the race. He (that's him in bib # 2 - not a Trials photo) was married just 2 months ago and was only 28.

RIP Ryan.



  • I read Ryan Shay had a heart problem. RIP.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:07 AM  

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