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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Base Training Starts This Week

I've had good workouts this month even though the frequencies have been sporadic. That being the case I hadn't considered Oct to be the start of my base phase. But my runs had been very enjoyable recently that I've decided that this week be the start of my marathon training for the KL Marathon next Mar 30th.

Now comes the interesting part which is crafting the training program. There's not too much hurry in coming out with the program (even though I have an idea of what I want to do) this as base phase involves mostly aerobic enhancing Easy to Steady paced runs with a smattering of tempos and hillwork. No particular need for Tempo Intervals for now. I also want to establish a more consistent weekly mileage with lesser dips and rises but I'm also aware of life's uncertainties. With the 205, I think I will get a more accurate picture of my progress this time around.

The workout just now consisted of Steady to LT paced laps. Drizzly at the start but went off suddenly. The sun came out and it turned warmish. Since I'd lost 30 minutes to work, it was nearly 6pm when I started - not enough time for a long one. KM Splits: 6:02 > 6:01 > 5:58 > 5:47 > 5:53 > 5:53 > 5:39 > 5:28. Was a little tired, no doubt due to the pace.

During our run yesterday, Ben and I got down to talking about what kind of race strategies to run a good marathon race. Ben is always adamant about going out as fast as you can to compensate for the later stages. His thought was that you can afford to lose some of the time gained in the fast early stage even if you walk a bit.

I'm of the stand that the race should be run at even pace or if stronger, at negative splits. And that's not because I've read enough race reports to know that it's the way to go. Every marathon training coaches out there from Higdon to Daniels and from Galloway to Pfitzinger advocates a conservative start. Even if I haven't read the philosophies of present high-profile coaches such as Steve Jones, Terrence Mahon, Bob Larsen and Alberto Salazar (being the exception that I've read), all of whom have marathoners vying for the top 3 spots to the Beijing Olympics this Saturday I believe they're of the same thoughts as well [The Trials will be streamed LIVE on the Internet via the
NBC website]. Consider also the statement below.

"Every recent world best in the marathon was set by athletes who ran at an even pace or ran negative splits", so said Kevin Hanson, one half of the Hanson siblings, coaches to the 13 Hansons-Brooks runners toeing the line at Central Park this Saturday. [
Article in the NYT]

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