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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

SC6 Vs Axiom2 Vs 2120

I raked up a totally unexpected double workout today. Thanks to my wife would you believe it? There I was at the park at 6:27pm just feeling lucky just to get 30 minutes of workout - I needed to work the caffeine I ingested at 2pm out. Sidetrack: I'm unable to tolerate any caffeine after 12pm, must be an age thing. So I really need to run if I wanted to sleep at all tonight!

The weather was fine and not as warm as Monday. The park was quite crowded with kids from some school or orphanage, indication of the impending school holidays. I set off on a relaxed pace, not wanting to check the 205 and just running based on comfort level. Saw Ben on my 2nd lap and he joined in a short while later. This person can't run slow but I controlled the pace allowing only for a little faster split gradually. All the time keeping it quite comfortable. I felt really relaxed. When Loke joined in, it got even more fun with 3 of us.

Round about 7:05pm my wife still hadn't call but I figured it'll come at any time. SO I wrapped things up and headed to the car park to call her instead after doing some stretches. But she told me that she was stuck at work and would need a bit more time. What more incentive does a runner need than to continue the workout.

I reset the 205 and jogged back to the park. Ben and Loke were just up ahead but I didn't want to call out to them as I thought I'd just do some slow jogging. But they suddenly stopped and headed back towards my direction and were surprised to see me. The 3 of us then continued the other direction and the pace decidedly got faster but I was still very much on aerobic terms. Managed another 4 odd Ks before the wife finally called.

As I'm typing this I'd just munch down 2 slices of peanut butter sandwich - that's after my dinner. I can now tell you that all the caffeine are out of my system - I'm ready to hit the sack. A peep at the Buckeye shoe mileage tracker shows that the Axiom, adidas and 2120 are going neck to neck in mileage logged! I'll be wearing the 2120 for tomorrow's run. G'nite!



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