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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Feels Like Monday Today aka My Leg Is Itching

Take a day's leave from work yesterday and this is what you get. Spent the day at the car service centre and plonked in front of the TV watching back-to-back the Season 6 of 24. When I opened my emailbox, a deluge of production issues, boss's request for a presentation to the team, project follow-ups and last-minute calls for meetings. I only managed to make myself a mug of coffee at 10:30am which I had with a limp croissant. Needless to say, my stress level is way high now.

On a separate note, my leg is feeling the itch. Firstly, I've not run (because of the enforced rest by the doctors) since the Mizuno race and I'm feeling very restless. One of the first questions I posed to the doc was whether I can run to which he replied incredulously and emphatically "No!". He justified his response by telling me that I may slow down the healing of the infected wound by exposing it to sweat and dirt. So there I was fully fit, wound aside, yet not able to even go for a leisurely run when the weather the last week were fabulous. You can imagine how much I'm itching for a run right now.

Secondly I've begun to experience itching around the wound. Which can only mean that it's nearly healed! After a week and a half of visiting the clinic for cleaning and bandage re-dressing I've begun to do it on my own. The wound is very much cleaner now and with the new antibiotics, the swelling has gradually reduced. There's also no pain when I tried running on the spot (in my workclothes just to test the leg out) this morning. The antibiotics course has a few more days to run (pun intended), so I think I should be able to at last run again this Thursday. Even so, I've opted out of this Sunday's PAR Relay as I won't be able to contribute much to my team.

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  • Easy does it. Do alternative core exercises to hold down the itch if that helps. hehe take care!

    I'm also very tense now cos my Garmin 305 is scheduled (according to the UPS tracking sercice) to arrive tomorrow woh, won't be able to sleep tonite already. May be I'll take a chair outside der house and wait for it early in the morning.

    By Blogger CP Waterman, at 4:58 AM  

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