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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bumper Year For Distance Racing

With the racing season coming to a close, things are starting to wind down. My Buckeyeoutdoors training log hasn't been seeing plenty of activities. What's left to do but to peek into next year's marathon calendar to sieve out some juicy races to run. The challenge is working all these into a cohesive racing year with some of these races as tuneup or training runs around a couple of key events. I didn't include 10Ks into the mix as they're short enough to be run as speedwork, and thus require lesser planning.

Here are a few of those that I'm casting my bloodshot eyes at.

March - KL International Marathon


June 29th -
Lion City Marathon


Distances on offer: 50K and the Marathon

September - Alor Setar 50km Ultra Marathon

November 2nd - ING New York City Marathon


How about you?

Note: I'm on an imposed week-long layoff due to the leg injury (read the Mizuno report). A section of the wound has healed quickly while the more severe parts are still hurting, even when I put pressure on the leg. With the pounding effect of running, it'll be sure to hurt even more. Luckily the Pacemaker Anniversary Run is only happening on the 23rd. That will give me a week and a half to recover.

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