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Friday, June 29, 2007

Where To Go From Here?

Following the failure in Penang last Sunday, my next marathon will only be next March's KL Marathon. Going with a 4-month training program will mean starting my training in November. Between now and then - 4 months - what am I to do? Needing to keep up the motivation, I've registered for the August 12th PJ Half Marathon. I'm not a fan of this race since it's run on less than conducive route where the road works never seem to end. That means we runners will have to contend with traffic and dust throughout the race. But having come very close, to close to a medalling position last year, I thought it's good to just run this for some speedwork. I'm certainly not concerned whether I improve 1 position to a medal (yes I was that close!) or not. The other speedwork would be Der_Pacemakers Anniversary Run and the Worldwide Half Marathon. All that should hopefully provide me with some diversions during these 4 months.

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