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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Believe You Can And You Will

There are just 2 more weeks left before tapering kicks in. Besides getting to June 11th injury free, my thoughts are constantly on staying healthy and meeting the weekly targets. I'm also monitoring my level of "freshness". With the exception of 1 week (Week of May 7th when I was down with a cold) where my mileage dropped drastically, I'm satisfied with my output thus far. Though I'd have preferred those 50K weeks to be slightly higher and touching 60K. But yes, on the whole it's been quite all right.

Those preparing for their debut marathons would probably wonder what sort of mental state you should find yourself in with just a few weeks to go. You should be feeling confident (though not without a tinge of uncertainty) following your completion of a few long runs. Your confidence will grow as you tackle 2 more before tapering. If you've not done your 30K, be sure to do at least 1 over the next 2 weeks. If you've, doing another one or a 3.5-hour run is also recommended. you will bring your body closer to the "Wall" threshold or even break through it. And the value it brings is priceless because you'd have taught your body the most efficient way to process your fuel resource. I will touch again on the mental state nearer the race. I'd want to be slightly on the edge and raring to go even though for some, that eagerness may cause one to run too fast at the start of the race. But to me, having that feeling means that I'm good to go, fully rested and prepared for the battle. If I don't, please remind me to.

While there are still some weeks to go, you should also start thinking about your travel plans. How do you plan to collect your bib, your travel and hotel arrangements, your hydration/snacking plan (how you plan to ensure you're constantly fueled). Give a thought to your race strategy as well and decide whether you'll be carrying gels, bars (you can buy them closer to race day) while racing. Think about your packing - what you'll be packing to Penang (if you're like me, heading to the balmy island) and so on. I will also publish my packing list nearer the race. Again, if I don't, please remind me to.

You should have had the chance to try out the possible race gear over your long runs. Your vest, shorts, underwear, socks and shoes of choice should have been narrowed down. You must had tried them during your runs as you wouldn't want to try something new on race day. If you're getting a new pair of shoes, make sure they're broken in (now's a good time) in time for the race. I've decided on the vest, shorts, underwear but not on the socks and shoes combo. I'm deciding between the 2120-Kayano socks combo and the Supernova-Thorlo combo. I've worn the 2120 for all of my long runs except last week and the softer Supernova is yet to be fully broken in. So I'll have to see. I've no problems with either combination but the only thing I'd like to ensure is that I will have the cushioned feeling after 32K.

This Week's Plan

T = 10 (done) W = 7/7.8 T = 15 F = 10/10 S = 24
I've back to back meetings which will take up my entire Thursday. Then I've got a medical check up on Friday morning which will incorporate the treadmill stress test.

On another note, my youngest brother was admitted to the Penang GH yesterday. The specialist recommended 3 days of medication to reduce the inflammation before deciding on the next course of action, which most likely involve some traction. I'm hoping that the traction will resolve the issues without surgery.



  • My husband also has slipped discs, upper ones, back of the neck. Last year he was in and out of hospitals several times. Specialists told us no cure, only painkillers to reduce pain and of course, traction. We have a makeshift traction thing at home,the weight is a couple of my dumbbells! The pain and numbness comes and goes, but at least now he's fit enough for a 4 km morning walk.

    Hope your brother gets well soon.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:43 PM  

  • aiyo..this runner cinya technical la..just hope that u dont lau-sai d night b4 d big day..muahahahaha!!!

    By Blogger lifemou, at 11:04 AM  

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