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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday Roundup

Ben turned up for a scheduled 25k and he was early! So the group set off on time. My plan called for a brisk 20k so Geraldine and I set the early pace hitting Duta in 31mins. Ben overtook us after the mosque and stopped at the halfway point. G and I arrived in a fast 54mins. I took the loop alone and after a water break made the return trip. We got back to the car park with a total time of 1:55.06. I had a new participant to the Beginners group today. What an inspiration she is. Despite her physique, she was so positive in her attitude that in accompanying her around the lake I was affected by her joy for live. The others too were so happy for her. Hope to write more about this person in the near future. That's it for now from Penang!

Ps. I posted this using my mobile phone.



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