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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The 2nd Phedippidations Worldwide Half Marathon

Welcome to the only global running event (I think) where everyone's invited. There's the 21K and 5K categories. Registrations are free, so keep your calendars free! Registration begins June 1st! Meanwhile check out the website at www.worldwidehalf.com. I shall also be releasing more info and try to coordinate a group here in KL.



  • This is very interesting!! Tell us more about it Mr Carboman.

    By Blogger NEZZ, at 9:28 AM  

  • carboman, just run the DH route. 2 laps will give us 21.6k, while the 5k run, just follow the 5k route that NB15k runs on.

    FYI 13-14 Oct,if not mistaken is Hari Raya Puasa. so our muslim frenz may not be able to join the event. anyway let me know what other help needed to get it going.

    By Blogger C-CUBE, at 9:59 PM  

  • Hi Jamie, this is Kev from Perth. I got to know about your blog thru my sister. I just started my training log on Buckeye but I would like to know how to have the log update automatically on my blog (like yours). Feel free to send me an e-mail kskh@Hotmail.com Thanks heaps!

    By Blogger -kev-, at 1:52 PM  

  • kev, under Buckeye, goto the Sidebar tab on top. Once inside, the respective html codes will be displayed. Just select the ones u needed and past it into ur blog. Make sure u switch ur blog to template where it display the html code. Give it a shot, if u failed Karen can help u out!!!! Good luck.

    By Blogger C-CUBE, at 11:01 PM  

  • Thanks peeps! Hahhah, but too bad I'm no whiz at html. I've given it a try already. Guess I'll have to get my sis to help.

    By Blogger -kev-, at 8:41 AM  

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