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Friday, November 10, 2006

Heaven & Hell

Having had enough of the horrendous traffic and of course work, for the last couple of days, a run was in order. So despite having confirmed my attendance to a Hari Raya open house organized by one of our corporate partners at the Sri Melayu Restaurant around the corner, I made up an excuse to skip it. That was even though the prospect of eating sticks and sticks of satay, rendang, desserts and what have you was being so tempting. After my bosses left for the same do, I packed up and was doing my laps by 6:20pm.
Coach's horde was expectedly there warming up and from what they were doing, I knew they were about to run at a considerable effort - TEMPOS! By my 3rd lap, I found myself about 100m behind the group, incapable of nearing them. They started with a warm up lap which wasn't that slow anyway, with Ah Toh and Rich leading the way. In the following pack were 6 more fellas, including Azwar and running alone another 50m behind was Uncle Singh.
Uncle Singh was running quite well. In fact, he's no pushover. He's quite a regular at the track and he even beat my 3K time trial timing last year. Not by much but he still smoked me. That being the case, I was finding it hard to draw level with him. I managed to do that only in the next lap just after Rich and Ah Toh lapped me, running hard. I found out from Uncle Singh that they were doing an 8-lap tempo run.
My lap times have so far been faster than expected so I thought I could squeeze in another lap before packing off at 7pm. So I went a little faster and dropped Uncle Singh.
After reviewing my lap times, I saw how "dahsyat" my pacing was. Run in negative splits with a drop of 20 odd seconds each lap. Wow! I slept like a baby that night, with a smile on my face.

7:59 > 7:32 > 7:12 > 6:58 > 6:35. Total: 36:17
Average: 7:15 (5:34 road pace)
It was hell. Was stuck in a meeting the whole day. Rarely are my meetings short nowadays. At  8:15pm I could wait no longer, as I was to have picked up Carbo Kid 1 hour ago, and I extricated myself from the room. Hugged Carbo Kid when I saw him and told him that Daddy and Mommy was sorry to be so late, had dinner and reached home at 10pm. Rebooted my brain with an episode of Spongebob (hardly paid attention as my consciousness was fuzzy already) and slept just past midnight.
Very interesting morning at work. Yes, I plan to leave the office by 5:30pm today and am looking forward to the weekend! I decided that I'll be wearing off the NB890 for the Penang Walk. Socks of choice will be the Thorlos. I've rigged a strip of velcro to accommodate the timing chip, so, switching to my Tevas midway through the walk won't be an issue. Registered myself for the ridiculous 20-lapper at KLCC. How the hell am I going to complete 10 much less double that distance!!! But the medal beckons.
Carbo Woman's med check. We've some questions to ask the doc. 2 more months before Carbo Kid gets a wrestling partner. In the afternoon, I'll be measuring Sunday's IOI Run route.
The IOI Run. 3.5K of uphill and 3K of downhill (if my estimates are correct, subject to measurement on Saturday) is definitely not an easy thing. I'm having "Pain" as breakfast that morning.


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