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Thursday, August 24, 2006

We Didn't Have This When We Were Kids

Carbo Kid was recently given a happening present from my Mom who returned after a stint in the US. Slightly bulkier than a Gameboy Advance but wholly educational, the Leapster not only had him intrigued. I was too! The software that runs it are graded according to the child's age and it provides a multitude of skills and knowledge enhancing activities built around fun learning and games. My Mom was nice enough to get 3 cartridges that caters from now to pre-K. Now Carbo Kid is happily playing his Dora, Thomas The Train and The Incredibles games. What amazes me is how fast kids pick up new skills - after some trial and error and plenty of toggling around, he has got the machine figured out.
Presently in KL, you can find Leapfrog systems (Leap Pad and all its library systems) at Toys "R" Us and My Childhood Store (1-Utama New Wing) but Leapster is still unavailable here and in Singapore. I made some enquiries and they can order the cartridges for us at RM114 each (RM48 or lesser if purchased in the States. Plus accessories and software are easily available via eBay). The handheld unit costs RM400 (RM222 in the States). All Leapfrog products are expensive. Very expensive. But the gamepack that teaches writing looks good, so that may be Carbo Kid's Birthday present next year.
For more info on Leapster, other Leapfrog multimedia products and some interesting parenting articles, head on to http://www.leapfrog.com/. I just played the Spongebob game there!


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