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Friday, August 25, 2006

The Lull Is Coming To An End

Even before the week is over, I'm already dreading the coming week. Correction, the coming month. For the next month the project team will be immersed in the gap analyses and functional specs discussion. The 5th week will see some regional folks camping here to go through heavier stuff arising from the gap sessions. In preparation of the gruelling weeks to come, I hurried over to the KLCC Cold Storage during lunch time today to stock up on some healthy snacks. There's no doubt that with all the work the brain will be subjected to, some replenishment are required.
Come end September, the department will be having its Teambuilding outing in Phuket. I won't be making this trip as I've got domestic commitments on my hands.

Weekend plans are, besides clearing up the ironing, ferry the wife to work tomorrow, bring Carbo Kid to meet Bob The Builder at the GE Mall, taking the clan out for wife's Birthday meal (am thinking of the Manhattan Fish Market) on Sunday. Air quality notwithstanding, hopefully I can find some pockets of time to sweat it out.

The weather outside is shitty - a repeat of yesterday. I'm not going to be caught in the office till 9pm again. I'm going off at 5pm sharp.


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