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Monday, July 10, 2006


Was out for an appointment this afternoon and I'd got to the place slightly earlier. With time to kill I decided to give the Ipoh Coffee Bean outlet a shot. Opted for the Cinnamon Iced White Coffee (RM4.90) while reading the April issue of Fortune. The feature article on Phil Knight caught my eye and the article was quite interesting. For example, Knight's office is so private that even some of his close associates haven't been into it. Apparently it's modelled on a Japanese-Zen theme. No shoes, even Nikes, are allowed in.

Knight was also a student under Der B-Man (Bowerman lah!) and there was a picture showing Knight with the other runners on the track, with a youngish Bowerman looking on. When Knight once asked Bowerman for running advice, the man replied "Triple your speed!".

And how about this bit: New employees get a book of maxims when they join. And point 11 states simply "Remember The Man". Now that's one hell of an Employee Handbook! And where the hell is Kenny Moore's book?!


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