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Monday, July 10, 2006

Saturday Run & Work

I've never run the Bukit Tunku way on Saturdays but I wasn't too concerned about the traffic as many of my running friends have tackled the route before. It was to be a group run but because of the rain, I ended up alone. At 6am there were already quite a few cars at the Bukit Aman car park, with many big cars driven by old folks - rich old folks, all morning walk regulars. The rain had stopped, presenting a very conducive environment for running. The run itself was uneventful and since it has been a long while since I ran the route, I wasn't surprised to see that the Tijani 2 project has neared completion. There are indeed many rich people out there. A million bucks no longer cuts it, when your property costs close to 2 million. If it's an apartment around the KLCC area, you probably need to fork out 500 to 600 bucks of maintenance fees every month so if you only have a million, it'll be gone before you say "Invest your money!"

I had just enough time to chat with the regulars from the Beginners group before rushing off to get ready for work. Due to the horrendous traffic and timing, I had my lunch only at 3pm and I was quite pooped when I got home at 5pm. Decided to wash the car before taking my bath and after that we had to go for dinner. Carbo Woman isn't able to tolerate any delays in eating. It's been a very tiring few days. Thankfully I cleared the vacuuming, mopping and ironing on Friday night. I hope to retire very early today.

As I'm typing this now, I'm already sleepy.


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