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Monday, August 28, 2006

1st Day

Mindnumbing. That's how I'm feeling after an entire day in 3 conference calls. Tomorrow and day-after's the same. I need to chill out tonight by watching Benchwarmers. It's either this inane-brain-not-required comedy (check how low its ratings in Rottentomatoes is!) or the utterly confusing The Triangle mini-series I downloaded off the Internet. Or maybe a couple of Spongebob episodes are what I need. Hmmm...
After nearly a week, I finally popped Slither into the DVD player last night. It was quite an entertaining movie - plenty of gore, wicked humour - where the alien worm-thing looks like a cross between a sperm and a penis - and some nearly-there flesh flash (1 in the shower and another in the tub). That Elizabeth Banks (she also appeared in The 40-Year Old Virgin) who is so luscious was running around in a white negligee with a weapon tucked in her underwear. Hmmm...


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