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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bye Bye English

Just sat through 45 minutes (incidentally also my first 45 minutes) of WC football. Both Brazil and France couldn't make the last ball count. Passing were sometimes horrendous with the ageing Cafu guilty of poor distribution. Kaka, Ronaldinho and Fei Chai were seeing little of the ball and towards the end of the hall, it was the French (not a supporter of them) who were threatening and holding the greater of possession. In fact, early in the game I thought it was due to Fei Chai's weight that he couldn't jump to connect a cross! I don't think I will be able to last the next 45 minutes but I guess I would've lasted even shorter if I'd watched the pathetic English finally lose the entire plot and pack their bags.

They overstayed their welcome, are made up of overpaid and underperforming blokes - from Coach to players. Heck, the WAGS probably made better news than the football they dished out. I would've preferred that they played Germany or Argentina for the quarters, just so that both the Germans and Argentinians will be separated (too bad for the Argies). In the end, an injury, a red card, 3 missed penalties and plenty of designer shoes, bags and sunglasses were all they ended up with. Besides the shopping bags, they now have their tails tucked between their legs. Heck, their outing at this WC seemed like a family shopping trip with football thrown in.

It's 4am and I'm going to bed.


  • I hv never supported England as a team although I have strong support for some individuals who played in the EPL. Its time to go home, a matter of time they got kicked out and of all their jinx enemy Portugal who did the same thing to them in Euro 2004.

    By Blogger C-CUBE, at 4:44 PM  

  • Man, don't even get me started, man! I don't even feel like watching further games anymore after that Brazil v France upset! Argh!

    Why even bother!

    Maybe now just look out for Portugal maybe. But I won't be surprised if Germany wins the whole thing... they played like monsters! So if they win, I think they deserved it (although I didn't agree with the outcome of the Germany v. Argentina game!).

    Sigh.. I'm losing confidence and my support for Brazil, man.. celakak!!

    By Blogger Julian Chan, at 1:32 AM  

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