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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The World Cup Adventure

Note: I'm sure you can associate with the name parodies. You know how names of players from certain countries tend to sound similar.

After players such as Burrito, Cheerio, Coco, Loco, So-So, Lasso, Lego and Aveo have been dispatched home by the Frenchies, it was the turn of the home team to be sent to lament on what could've been. As Burger, Fiddler, Croaker, Diver, Slider, Sleeper, Error, Dilbert and Hardmann trudge into the tunnels in tears, the players from the victorious team are seen hugging each other and doing victory laps around the magnificent stadium.

During regular play, little separates the two teams. The entire team of first team players and substitutes from the land of leather bags and shoes, fast cars and high fashion are technically very sound. Guided by a canny coach, they prove to be hard nuts to crack and true enough. Somehow they manage to put 2 very late goals against the Masters of Late Goals. Just take a look at the strength in depth of the victors: Ferrari, Myvi, Bikini, Rigatoni, Spaghetti, Vermicelli, Sorry, Tortellini, Zucchini, Macaroni, Lassi, Yippie, Lonely, Suzi, Chilli, Allegro, Siti, Berhenti, Bully...and the list goes on.

Including tomorrow morning's 2nd semi-final, there remains 3 matches left to play. It's still very interesting and difficult to call but the team I dislike ie the Frenchies may just triumph over the midfield quartet of Lilo, Oregano, Dodo and Risotto.


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