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Monday, May 01, 2006

Carbo Woman Bought A Pair Of Running Shoes

The NB525. I footed the bill as part of the Mother's Day present. Will she run? I'm not holding my breath but at least she finally relented to getting a pair! A part of the battle won, I'd say. Thanks to the people at the Pacesetters and New Balance, we enjoyed a 40% discount on the purchase - would you believe it, we paid only RM125 for this pair.


  • Thats great! My other half was keen on getting our treadmill fixed... which I did. And then she got herself a pair of shoes. It's been almost 6 months and now both the treadmill and shoes have seen action no more than twice.

    Can you recommend a pair of NB shoes I shld get to take advantage of the 40%? I wouldn't mind some fast shoes for a change.

    By Blogger Dinesh, at 1:47 PM  

  • the 1-Utama outlet has some pretty fierce looking lightweights. you may want to try the NB901 or NB234/5

    By Blogger Carboman, at 3:57 PM  

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