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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Now Reading

With several movie adaptations set to hit the theaters in the coming weeks, I've also been reading up on some of these books. Having completed the listening of the unabridged "The Da Vinci Code" audiobook, I now train my attention to the "One Day In September" on the '72 Munich Olympics Massacre and on the subsequent Israeli revenge operation called "Wrath of God". Spielberg's "Munich" though is adapted from another book called "Vengeance" by George Jonas. I haven't read "Vengeance" so I can't compare both books. In any case, I've found Simon Reeve's book quite compelling thus far. The events were really tragic and it started a vicious cycle. Terrorism certainly gained the attention following the event.
An interesting para in the book that will catch the attention of some bookish runners out there:
"Shaul Ladany ran round to the block housing the US team and pounded on the door of the coaches' room on the ground floor. According to the American marathon runner Kenny Moore, who was asleep on the fifth floor, Bill Bowerman, the US track coach groggily answered. Ladany was standing before him, utterly distraught.
"Can I come in?" asked Ladany in a desperate tone.
"What for?" answered Bowerman with a tired growl.
"The Arabs are in our building," said Ladany.
"Well," said Bowerman, "push them out."
"They have guns," said Ladany, "two people are dead."
His mind clearing quickly at the news, Bowerman pulled Ladany into the safety of the room and called the police.


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