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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Back in Penang

Against the backdrop of the ultra modern and posh 1 Gurney Avenue super condos, a lion awoke from its slumber. Urged on by the drums, gongs and cymbals, its eyelashes twitched. Still groggy from its long slumber, getting on its feet is not an easy task. With the persistent drumming, it appeared irritated at first but as the momentum of the beat picks up, the lion's initial petulance gave way to inquisitiveness as he checked out the surroundings. The gathered crowd was beginning to be enthralled, particularly the kids. Urged by the drums, the lion made its way into the shrine, paying homage to the gods and deities. Joss fragrance filled the midnight air. It's now past midnight bringing and end to a generally tumultous year of the Rooster filled with catastrophies, ushering in the year of the Dog. Despite the ban, large scale fireworks lit up the skies. As the lion continued its acrobatic prancing on the platform, I wished I had an SLR with me. There were plenty of dramatic moments to capture. The rechargeable batteries of my compact camera had expired and I'm not able to go beyond 20 shots. Will post more stories and pictures soon.

To all celebrating, a very Happy Chinese New Year! May you and your family enjoy good health, good fortune and happiness!

For video clips on lion dance, shot during the 2000 Genting World Lion Dance Championship click here.


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