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Friday, December 23, 2005

The BIG Ape

Was on medical leave on Wednesday. The prescribed medicine by the 2nd doctor I saw literally knocked me off my socks. The rest did me some good and on Thursday I was better enough to get out and get some things done. The wife and I started the day by checking out some pre-schools for Carbokid. When I got to the first school, I received an amusing call from my colleague who informed me of the hot date he went out with the night before - how big her boobs was among other things. Told him that I just got to a school and not to distract me! Hahaha!
Just before lunch we got a call from the furniture store that they were on the way to deliver my Javanese coffee table - something they owed me for close to a year! So we rushed home all the way from OUG and settled that. Then we got down to sweep and mop the house before leaving again this time to catch King Kong at Sunway Pyramid. Our tickets were 3rd row from the front which wasn't too bad. It was our first movie outing since she was pregnant with Carbokid. That means it's been about 4 years ago! Having a kid really put paid to all these excursions amongst other things, especially when we're raising him all by ourselves most of the times. Even when we were on leave, we'd usually not send him to the nanny's, opting instead to spend time with him.

The movie was good though I felt that it was a little bloated. Some scenes are a tad too long. A tighter editing would've made it really good. Below are some thoughts that went through my mind as the movie unfolded:

1. Naomi Watts looked gorgeous - she'd always been that way to me since Mulholland Drive and 21 grams
2. The sets were fantastic - most of the Depression NYC background probably CGI. Is that the old man from The Green Mile?
3. When can we get to the journey to Skull Island?
4. Naomi is awesome, will I be able to see some exposure like 21 grams (lucky Sean Penn!)
5. Not enough chemistry between Adrien Brody and Naomi! C'mon Adrien, it's Naomi! Hold her hands! When you landed on the island for the first time, you were walking ahead of her - hold her hands man! Flex your Pianist fingers!
6. Jack Black and Colin Hanks work pretty well together. Orange County revisited?
7. The dinosaurs CGI kick ass. Fantastic battle scenes
8. Mmmm.. Delectable Naomi in a stained camisole running around barefooted chased by a hairy fella
9. Is that Howard Shore (score composer for the LOTR trilogy) conducting the theatre orchestra at the Kong premiere? Certainly looked like him. Cameo? Maybe this will be revealed in the Collector's DVD set
10. Dastardly humans. Using planes against Kong! Get the tough guy some Stingers and we'll see him take out the entire USAF!
11. Naomi looked sooooo good.

How can I pre-book some tickets for the Wallace & Gromit movie? Please let me know as I want to take Carbokid to this one - he likes this duo!


  • The screen and substandard sound system @ pyramid don't do justice to King Kong. I first watched it at Pyramid too but I got the rib-cage rippling rip-roaring action the second time at iMax.

    By Blogger RunWitMe, at 4:00 PM  

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