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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Cold & Other Maladies

When it rains, it pours. This seems to be the case lately on money matters. Having lost a chunk of dough on the house tank recently, the car and the currently tenanted old apartment of mine wanted in on sucking me dry.

The power steering tubing sprung a leak last evening and though it turned out not to be a major job, it still cost me RM150 to replace that particular section of the aluminium/rubber tubing. The mechanic said that the part hardly breaks down, but I told him that my luck's been pretty shitty these days. The tubing apparently was worn off from the rubbing against another part of the engine. I suspect this misplacement resulted from the carelessness of the Perodua mechanic when he changed my timing belt last month. Somehow the correct positioning was altered.

Then I received a call from my condo management that the unit directly below mine reported that water has been trickling down his balcony. What is it with piping these days! I've not yet gone over to take a look and I'm praying it's not a serious issue.

So basically all my bonus will be used on correcting these really really pain in the posterior problems! And I've been unable to shake this stubborn cold off.


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