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Monday, December 19, 2005

No Go For Siemens

I've pulled out of Siemens 10K slated for January 15th so that I could focus on the marathon training. There really isn't much time left till the Mar 5th race day. Coach Chan's underlings have begun their base training a couple of months back and I know some of them are already hitting 30Ks in their long runs.

It was a shock to the body and the anaerobic system yesterday at the Mizuno 10K. It's been awhile since I ran at that effort - my last 10K being months and months ago. Taking into account the long Chinese New Year-Awal Muharram-City Day holidays, there remains 10 weeks of training left, including this week. Factor in the time you'll need to take to move your body and mind back into the mileage game mode, you can appreciate the fact that there is not much time left.


  • dr, i think it's time for u to take a break. u know u'll only get stronger after a good long rest.

    By Anonymous PM26, at 8:11 AM  

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