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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Latest Singapore Updates

I met up my former schoolmate for lunch today and promptly ran through the Singapore road map with him. Glad to say that he had plotted the easiest way to the hotel for me. Another equally important thing I asked was on the weather. Apparently it has been wet down south (hey, don't read between the lines!). Some days saw rain the entire day. Generally it's been pretty cool. That means should be good for us marathoners right? More revealing sights, cooler climate, you get the works...

I heard from a friend that the organizers have ran out of 10K adidas vests and hence collection of the vests can only be done at 5pm on Saturday. Please note that this affects the 10K only. However if you're there early, there's no harm in trying to collect earlier - if the stock is in, then you'll be able to wrap things up earlier.

3 more days!


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