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Monday, November 28, 2005

PM3 International Open & Busy Monday

Many of Der_Pacemakers gathered for PM3's Hari Raya open house. Carbokid certainly had the time of his life playing with Pipot. Check out the photos below.

Pipot & Carbokid

Pipot & Carbokid (again!)

Click to enlarge!
Der_Pacemakers (click on photo to enlarge!)

It was great to see many regulars again
 with Singapore just a few days away. Indeed quite many of the group will be making the trip down.

Monday was spent running around - well, driving around! Had a few things to take care of before the Singapore trip this Saturday. After dropping the wife at the office, I drove to Mid Valley to have my hair cut and to use the Wi-Fi at the Starbucks. Alas, the Starbucks outlet had no Wi-Fi service - damn TNS! Promptly got bored doing nothing, so I called Kenneth to join me for a cuppa and got him to call Lawrence along. At least time passed by quickly especially so when we talked about what else but running and what's gonna happen this weekend. After going our separate ways, I headed to the 15minute haircut mini outlet to have a head job - my hair was resembling a mophead.

After that I rushed to meet an ex-colleague to pick up his camera, a loaner for my trip. Then it was to Pantai Hills to deliver some stuff to my Mom's friend. After that it was to Kuchai Lama to collect my comforter from the laundry, mails from the old apartment, get 2 cans of milk powder for Carbokid and get the car's fan belt adjusted. My wife wanted to leave the office at 5pm sharp, so I had to forgo the videoshoot I had in mind for some Pacemakers. Perhaps another day, guys.

It's been a tiring day and there's 2 things left to do before I reach home. Call the plumber and to collect my broadband modem. Apparently Streamyx is now available in my area!

Till tomorrow, cheerio, stay healthy, start your carbo-loading and stay fresh for Sunday!

5 more days!

5 days to D-Day!


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