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Monday, November 14, 2005

Weekend Activities

I didn't know why but I was very hungry on Saturday evening. Not knowing what or where to go for dinner, the clan headed to nearby Puchong Utama. We settled for hawker fare and I wolfed down 2 bowls of medium-portioned noodles - Wan Thun Noodles and Prawn Noodles. I was at least satiated but I still gulped down a banana when we got home. Watched the remaining parts of Jack Neo's latest movie "One More Chance". Even though not always superb in terms of film-making, I've found his movies enjoyable as I can always identify with the local flavour. After setting my alarm for next morning, I knocked off. Carbokid was already in Dreamland.

Woke up at 4:05, reached Bkt Aman at 4:50 and there was already a large crowd miggling around. I guess runners at these organized practice runs are getting more and more anxious or kiasu. You see, parking space is a premium and if you're late, not only will you be left without a spot, you will perhaps miss the allocation of a Powerbar. After a quick chat with Jessica whom I've not seen in awhile, I trotted back to my car to change into my shoes. I also chatted with
Dinesh for awhile. I was tempted to start off on my own first without waiting for the crowd "flagoff" at 5:30am but somehow decided not too - anyway running in a pack would be more fun.

photo courtesy of KC Leong
Just after the 20K mark. No gels, running strongly

And so it was. It ended up to be quite a social run for me - running from the BNM section with PK and
KC, and the 7th K onwards with Justin and Kenny joining us. Glad they joined us. Despite being directed the wrong way near the IRB office, we got to Hartamas in 1:06, which serves to confirm that we were running at 6-min pace (actually 24 secs faster than my planned Singapore Marathon race pace). That, in fact, made my run yesterday a very long tempo run - which really provided me with a renewed confidence that perhaps, just perhaps, Singapore will finally be nailed this year. Completed the regular 30K (including the extra IRB loop) in 3:00-3:02 thereabouts, jogged to the car, gobbled down a juicy banana and tanked up with a can of Excel, said "Hi" to Dinesh and went off for my final 5K around the lake. I managed to log in just another 3K but I wasn't beating myself up about it as I'd run at a faster pace earlier and I was still relatively OK in the heat. After 6 small cups of Recovery drinks, 3 cups of cold Milo (aiyah free mah!) and checking out some Mizuno wares on offer, I left for home.

Drank plenty (Endurox, Excel, water, anything I could lay my hands on) and gobbled up 2 more bananas at home before having an early lunch at 11:30am. Carbowoman cooked and I liked the fish curry. Later while both of the clan members slept I watched a not-so-clear version of Doom on VCD. The movie was nothing great. I enjoyed the first person view segment and Rosamund Pike (liked her since her 007) though. To me, Doom just joined AVP as movies with monster potential but ruined by bad movie making. I'm not sure if I'd be doing another 30K this Sunday but if not, I'd fancy a 25K. Race day is just 20 days away!

The yummy Rosamund Pike in Doom.
My aches went away watching her!

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