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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Miscellanous Mumblings

Cab Rides
Within an hour this morning, I found myself in 2 cabs, heading to a site office and back. In each of the short journeys, I realised the deplorable conditions of the cabs. Not that I was making it a point to note  the conditions but my senses were being assaulted by it. Firstly by the dank smell, then the sight of grime encrusted on the cheap Proton plastic panellings and finally by the warm air-conditioning. Thankfully each way took less than 20 minutes.

On the way back from the site office, I saw the public information board display the temperature: 35C. Visions of hapless masochists baking in the equatorial sun and memories of Singapore came flooding back.

It's extremely quiet. Chewing on some chocolate, I feel lazy at work. I should be out there in the sun and heat, conditioning my body to take the brutality that is to come. I must remember to apply some sunscreen when going out for lunch.

DVD Assault Update
1. Polar Express - Average watch. The animation quality is inconsistent, displaying brilliance in certain sequences but fails badly in some especially on the character movements/expressions. However you can't fault director Robert Zemeckis for trying. He's been known to be pretty adventurous in using the latest technology in his movies. Nice soundtrack by long-time cohort Alan Silvestri. All the flash and the story didn't manage to hold down my attention. Sorry, watch to pass time.
2. Castle of Cagliostro - Very enjoyable despite being a dated animated feature. It has all the Miyazaki charm. Proof that story is more important than eye candy. Which makes Miyazaki's later efforts like Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke all the more impressive considering the perfect blend of animation and storytelling. Recommended.

5pm Thoughts
Goodbye Cumulus - you're a good shoe but my larger feet just can't fit into you. Perhaps one day we'll be reacquainted. Don't worry you have a good new owner. Can't wait to break in the Pegasus.


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