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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Midweek Run & Misadventure

It was drizzling yet again yesterday but besides wanting to do my typical Wednesday "menu", the regular Pacemakers wanted to catch up with ChinPG aka AhPekPG who is visiting for a business trip. It's not often one gets to run with a PM1 Shoutbox regular. It was also nice to see Rohaizad at KLCC again and shortly after Newton joined in as well. It turned out to be a nice comfortable run but since I'd to take the LRT home, I cut short my run to 10 laps. After a change of T-Shirt at the office I went to the station to catch the train ride. Which was when I got into a silly misadventure.
After changing lines at the Jamek station, I jumped into the first Star train to arrive, not knowing that I'd got onto the worng one, which would take me to Ampang! You see the line I was waiting on served 2 routes - one to Sri Petaling (which I was supposed to get on) and another to Ampang. While in the wrong train, I thought to myself why was the announcer mentioning all the wrong stops. I thought there was a problem on the PA system. After realising my folly I'd reached the Chempaka stop and I immediately got off and asked the gate officer for guidance. It must be a commonly committed mistake because as he spoke to me, he didn't blink an eyelid. Luckily I needn't pay extra for the ride back to the Chan Sow Lin stop. All I lost were 35 minutes of my time (I was getting pretty hungry and tired by then) and plenty of "face". By the time I had dinner, it was 9:15pm. Even if I run today, it's going to be not more than 8K.


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