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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Medium-Long Run

Amazing! Reviewing my training log, I realized that I'd been running everyday since last Thursday - that's 7 days in a row! That makes it the most productive training streak ever. My program was nearly derailed by work yesterday - something which was getting increasingly stressful for me. While Q3 and Q4 have typically been heavy at the office, this year has been exceptionally bad.
Luckily there's running to keep me sane. Instead of 5:30, I found myself at the park only at 6. That meant 3 laps lost. The rain had just stopped so conditions were ideal. On my 2nd lap, Draco joined in and on my 3rd Kenneth linked up. A while later Amby Newton also joined in. Doraemon Der Tulangman was skipping along the opposite direction.
We managed to log some consistent laps and bouyed by the cool weather, the lap times became progressively faster. I capped off the last 2 laps by running sub 7 times alone.
Tempted as I am to rest tomorrow, conditions have presented itself such that I'll be able to put in another medium-long run. However I'll curtail that urge to just do a 10K. Friday will be 5 or 8K, Saturday a well deserved rest and some evening feeding cum socialising, and Sunday the first of a few 30Ks to come.
Lap times: 8:29 > 8:30 > 8:04 > 8:01 > 7:52 > 7:52 > 7:28 > 7:18 > 6:51 > 6:37
Total: 1:17 (10 minute improvement from previous week's)
Average lap: 7:42


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