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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Selecting & Caring Of Technical Running Apparels

Selecting proper apparels:
  • Keep it light and loose around the underarm area
  • Avoid cotton, choose the new technical microfibres such as Dri-FIT and ClimaCool. If you look closely, the surface of the fabric that's on the inside is knitted closely while the outer surface is coarser. This is to enhance sweat evaporation. you will notice that your entire vest is wet - this is normal and prooves that the fabric is working for you. It means that thru capillary effect the moisture is siphoned from your skin to the outer fabric, the better it is to dry faster.
  • The latest fabric marketed by Nike has "smart" properties where the shirt combine Nike's zone venting (large mesh at the most critical areas ie the back and sides) feature with the tiny fabric bubbles which opens up to let out the hot air and let in the cool air. The downside? A RM168 price tag!
  • Check the seams and stitching to ensure they don't present chafing pitfalls. Pay attention to the inner thighs and nipple areas (avoid stitching that runs across the nipple region)
  • If you run in the dark, vests with reflective strips may help. If you can't find these reflective types, stick to light coloured ones

Care for microfibres:
  • Hand wash in cool water and remove immediately
  • Line dry out of direct sunlight instead of squeezing it
  • Avoid softeners as they may clog up the fibre pores
  • No need to iron


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