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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Conversation With My Boss

In my place of work, it's the process to submit your medical chit to your boss before it's recorded down into the leave system. As he put down his John Hancock, he remarked (as always) about my fitness. The conversation went like this:

Carboman: Boss, please initial on my MC
Boss: What happened to you? I thought with all that running you're very fit

C: Oh, it's because of the running that sometimes one can get a bit sick. It's a kind of stress too.
B: Looks like it's not working for you

C: In my depleted state I can still outrun anyone here and I can prove it. Come for a run later?
(You can see my agitation here as it's evident that non-exercisers have no grip on the subject matter)
B (chuckling, walking away): Not running lah. I don't run.

C: Then you're all going to suffer since some of you voted me as the Department's VOE Champion. Anyway, fitness should not be confused with health. One can be fit by may not be as healthy
(A Department VOE Champion handles things like extra-curricular activities among other things...)
B (chuckling)

Moral of the story is not to waste your energy explaining concepts to non-exercisers/non-runners. They simply can't grasp the idea.


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