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Sunday, January 16, 2005

30K Long Run

I got home from PM1's wedding at 11pm and after showering, laid out the running gear and hurriedly set the alarm clock for 4:15am. I hit the sack at 11:40pm and immediately drifted off to sleep. It was hardly a proper way to get ready for the intended 30K. Thankfully, I'd made arrangements with Penguin2, Martin and Yong to meet at 5am and that got me out of bed.

Yong had not run this far in ages while this was Martin's first 30K. Needless to say Penguin2, battle hardened by his commando approach to races as well as marathon exploits (3:55 PR) was looking forward to the run despite also having attended PM1's dinner. The plan was to run the same 30K route as next Sunday's Pacesetters 30K Practice Run. All of us carried drinks and cash (to top up the fluids at the Hartamas Petronas). Also to run at 7 min pace and see how it goes.

As it turned out, it went very well. We completed the distance and I did a good time as well - 2:55. I attributed this to the wise pacing adopted (we surged periodically), great hydration plan, the good company (equal balance of chatting for diversion as well as moments of focus) and also the nice route. None of us took PowerGels! From the 15K onwards we had more runners who were doing 20K for company.

My weekly mileage was finally achieved and I'll hope to complete this week in the same fashion. It'll be another 30K next Sunday.


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