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Friday, November 26, 2004

D Minus 8

Inching into the final week. I've started getting some stuff packed, bit by bit. This Sunday's Siemens 10K will close off this week's 35K mileage. 20 people (a nice mix of Malaysians and Singaporeans) have confirmed attending the gathering.

- Tey x 6 (including Tey)
- Alex
- Jason
- Sukaimi

- Rohaizad
- KetamBatu
- Bernice x 3 (including Bernice)
- Penguin1
- Penguin2
- Penguin5
- Penguin6

- Kevin

- Jamie

Even before stepping foot into SG, I've done my first shopping. A Nike ClimaFIT cap for SGD23++. This cap will complement my ClimaFIT rain jacket which has no hood. Oh yes, this year's event handbook is out and can be downloaded here.


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