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Monday, November 22, 2004

D Minus 14

With 14 more days to go, whatever's left of the training has to be covered this weekend. Studies have shown that aerobic improvements are only reaped 2 weeks after the workout. Any runs closer to the race day, will not return much benefits, if at all.

Some advanced runners do their longest run with 2 weeks to go but I thought it's important to do a long run without the too much exposure to risks. Hence I settled for a 23 to 25K run. For this I have Jason for company but just before we started off, we're pleasantly surprised to see Tey. We set off at an easy pace as the upcoming races were on everyone's mind. We reached Hartamas in 1:06.

On the way back from Hartamas, we met among many others, Penguins 1, 2 and 3. We reached the Bkt Aman car park in exactly 1 hour and after ditching my water bottle belt in the car, took off for the remaining of the workout. With Jason just behind me, we ran to the national mosque, past Dataran Merdeka and back again to the car park.

All the way, I felt really good. My breathing was very comfortable and if I had to nit-pick, only my legs felt a little tight. Else everything's peachy. I'm eating well - consuming more food and drinking consistently.

This would be my final long run before Singapore. Next Sunday will see me jog the Siemens 10K while I'll probably be just jogging about 5K for the other days in between. Same for next week.


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