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Monday, November 08, 2004

Carbo Kid Down With HFMD

Yup, he's down again. One of the perils of working parents is the risk you run by having your kid taken care of by an outsider. Evidently the poor kiddo contracted this from the nanny's son. What's HFMD? Read the posting below - important reading even for those without kids.

It all started with a mild running nose and fever on Saturday night and the condition worsened from then on. His fever was high and unlike him, he didn't have any appetite for solids and fluids. He was crying a lot too - which is unlike him. We didn't know how serious it was until Sunday afternoon when the doctor checked him and told us that he's got HFMD. His throat was badly ulcered (which was very painful for him). Apparently there's an outbreak of this disease currently.

I felt sorry for the kiddo as he would normally be so active, bubbly, intelligent, and full of live. I miss his old self. The doctor dais we should try to get fluids into him - ice creams, juices, 100Plus, anything. Else the traumatic IV option awaits! So we gave him everything - Gatorade, ice cream and other slightly sweetened beverages, which he took. He looked better yesterday evening after sleeping for 4 hours.

Needless to say I missed my long run on Sunday and I hope that my workouts in the earlier part of the week was wasted. What was to be a 70K week whittled down to a measly 26K total. A consolation, if I can call it so is that endurance deteriorates only after 2 weeks of inactivity. Over the next few public holidays, I'd hopefully have a chance to get in some quality runs.

But family is family and priorities in this case has to be set right. Also, there's no escaping from the odd emergencies of live.


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