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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

8 and 10-Lap PRs @ KLCC

Yesterday hor, rain rain so heavy at lunch time. So all PMs already TNS, NMFL, CCB and HYCL maximum on PM1 chatbox lor. Very frust already mah - day in day out also rain wan. But still have to run lah coz Singapura Malathon ony 4 weeks to go. High mileage very important mah. So hor, I was very happy when the rain stop just before 5pm. Seeing that I quickly ta pau, shutdown the PC and quickly cabut from office. In fact by 4:55pm, already wearing my running shoe already. Some more damn kap liew. Shhhh...

After changing at the carpark, I jogged to KLCC and while tying my laces I saw Kenneth the hentam-kau-kau-lat-kaki already running steadily. He wasn't wearing any socks (he said forgot to bring wor) but I don't know whether he was wearing underwear or not lah. Have to ask "badboy" and "GYPSUM" on that. I followed behind loh but didn't want to catch up with him - have to maintain disciplined pace mah. By the 2nd lap, it started to drizzle, sikit-sikit. Then suddenly like the turning on of the heaven tap hor, the rain turned heavy. But I still continue - have to finish the menu. I was a little worried coz my handphone is in the pouch and may get wet but I thought wait and see lah - wait and see if the rain will subside. But it didn't wor!

So for the next 5 laps I ran in the rain lor. I even encouraged 1 ang-moh lady who was also running in the rain. Kenneth the hentam-kau-kau-lat-kaki has already stopped as he didn't want to risk getting sick - got PM20 Half Marathon this weekend mah. My shoes and socks were soaked wet already. Underwear also wet like wee-wee in the pants. Hair like just came out from shower.

On my 6th lap, John the Speedy Gonzalez joined me and we ran at steady pace. On the 7th and 8th lap, I turboed a bit coz I want to break my 8 lap PR mah. My 8 lap time was 1:01.35 a 1-minute improvement on previous time. I pushed ahead to complete 10 laps, while John had run ahead. Really fast lah, this fella! Anyway I persisted - the rain had stopped at this point and it was getting dark. I finished the 10 laps in 1:16.08.

So very happy until hor, I felt no pain or discomfort. In fact, I felt as if I was running comfortably (not all out) and in good form. Managed to get in another quality workout plus 2-in-1 session PRs. Hopefully can meet my 70K week target lah.


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