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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Malakoff 12K Race Report

I would've been contented to call my NYCM the final race of the year but then I found myself in Putrajaya for the insanely masochistic 12- Hour walk and a week later at the Malakoff 12K. What gives? I just wanted to have a bit of fun I guess. Training had withered down to just weekend runs, so it definitely wasn't for want of fast times that I entered myself for both events. I'm grateful for Lawrence's help in submitting my entry, along with Geraldine's.

It was to be a very hectic race eve for me. After a reversed double hill run in the morning and a shorter slow one with the RunnersMalaysia guys, I had to rush to the Imbi Market for some meat - literally I had to bring home the bacon! There would be no rest as the next stop was the Taman Rimba at TTDI to meet Lawrence and pick up the race bib. I quite like the park and the residents in the adjacent townhouses must be very fortunate to be living right next to a green lung. Collection was promptly conducted enough and quite a few friends were there for their bibs too. The only freebies in the bag were a small sample tube of Nivea facial cleanser besides the overlarge vest. Breathright strips samples were handed out too.

When I got home, the entire household with the exception of C1 and C2, was busy repainting the grilles. Tired as I was, I couldn't just do nothing, so after getting the vacuuming and mopping out of the way, I took care of the metal works upstairs while the rest handled the ground floor. Lunch at about 2:30pm was pasta with mushroom and herbs, an omelet, and a thick slice of bread. All I managed was a 30-minute nap before waking up to get the kids ready for Cheang’s Christmas party. The heavens opened up with a heavy downpour so the short drive to USJ was cautiously slow. The spread laid out at Cheang’s abode was fantastic, all home-cooked. I commented that the host should seriously consider opening up and eatery right next to Choi’s shoe shop with creative menus like “Hit-The-Wall” Value Meal or “Carb Craze” Set. Thanks to Cheang for inviting us to his wonderful home.

We hit the sack at 11:30pm and after a 5-hour plus sleep my alarm went off. A slice of bread, half a Powerbar and cup of black coffee later I left home to pick up Geraldine. Fortunately I made plans to pick her up, which allowed for my 2nd toilet visit. I’d been holding it since I left my place. Somehow my stomach is increasingly not coping well with pre-run black coffee. There was still space at the Kiara car park where I left the car. While walking to the Rimba park, we chatted with Daniel who was doing his warm-up routine and a few others. Frank and our other friends were already near the starting line. The area was very narrow which made for a very long queue up to the start. I was in no shape to race hard and just wanted to ride out this event as the final one for the year. Having a narrow, twisty and hilly route made certain that I didn’t over-extend my capabilities. Nevertheless I still wanted to run an honest pace and not go through the 12K route too easily.

It took me about 3 minutes to cross the start line and most of us were still bunched together. As expected runners started to spread out at the first long and steep climb. I was on a steady pace and even so I passed more runners than being overtook. Many who underestimated the effects of the hills would pay for it during the second lap. I skipped the water station located near the switchback and arrived back at the park entrance in about 25 minutes. Choi in his “racing” wheels were on this occasion snapping photos along with Tey. But the second ascend up the first hill was horribly painful. I was just shuffling along just to get to the top and I was half expecting the quads and calves to snap! Luckily I was able to recover on the flatter and downhill stretches and resumed at a quicker pace. Only the green surroundings and relaxed manner with which some faster runners were taking the run alleviate the level of suffering. John and Wai Mun were for example, running in Christmas mode distributing candies and mini choc bars while Ngae ran in a sarong accompanying a friend.

With 2K to go I went into a reckless abandon mode. I was just focusing on not tripping on my churning legs. Lynn and Frank were already by the finish when I crossed the line in 59:17. The distance was a little short at 11.17K. They had run a blistering race. Just after returning the timing chip I bumped into Chui Lin, my colleague, who did the 6K. Even though she ran in her school days, it was a pleasant surprise to see her back at it, even though at a recreational level. We went to the same Sunday School back in Penang. It was great catching up with fellow runners over a bowl of nourishing Tau Foo Fah – I rank this dessert up there with milkshake as the ultimate post-race food. A little while later it was time to make our way home for our other commitments.

Storming to the finish. Photo courtesy of Choi

With Justin, Geraldine and Lawrence. Photo courtesy of Choi

Even though the race was tough, it was a thoroughly enjoyable outing for me. The race was small enough to be cozy, surroundings were green (even if we didn’t get to run on the highways and tunnel) and there couldn’t have been a better way to start the day. Not to mention a nice race to end the year with too.



  • Sub one-hour, not a bad run!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    From Santa & Santarina...Ho! Ho! Ho!

    By Blogger John, at 10:20 AM  

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