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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Base Phase Is Approaching

I'm slowly easing into the base phase of my marathon training. There's no pressure and I'm keeping it loose in terms of program. I run when I want and I don't beat myself up (nor was there any guilt) when missing any of the runs. I'm taking the chance to sleep more - OK just a wee bit more. Whenever I run, the sessions have been great. Only in November will I start the base phase proper. With the availability of the Garmin, my training approach can now be more precise. I'll be basing my workouts on the McMillan Pace Calculator to ensure that I'm working out effectively.

Another good run just now and here are the KM splits: 6:27 > 6:24 > 6:23 > 6:19 > 6:22 > 5:54 > 5:45 > 5:20 > 5:05 > 0:16 for an average of 5:59 pace. Faster than I intended in the later stage, slower than intended in the starting stage. Oh well, as long as it felt great!

I received quite a few feedback on the Kuantan Race Report done the Google Earth way and thought you might like this map I exported. Yup, this shows the typical KLCC Park route that I do on weekdays. Amazing huh? It's been a long day. Going to bed now. G'nite!

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