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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Highly Recommended Running Podcast

If you're one of those who spend some time commuting everyday, chances are you may also be a user of portable MP3 players. However, if you don't have an iRiver, Yepp, MuVo or iPod, there are still ways to enjoy your tunes on the go. Most mobile phones these days, for example, are also capable of supporting MP3 formats while the car stereo have been supporting MP3 and WMA formats for quite a while.

Besides blogging, podcasts are also very "in" these days. Podcasts are basically voice blogs but because they're audio, there are much more to what you can do. There are podcasts on humour, news, nothing-in-particulars, sports and more. Some podcasts are quite basic with the podcaster narrating, while some are very creatively produced, complete with background fillers, guest contributors, music and special effects, just like a radio program.

Unlike many running related blogs out there, there aren't many running related podcasts. But there's one which is a gem and it's the Phedippidations Podcast. Located at www.steverunner.com, the weekly 1-hour podcasts is hosted by Steve (who else?), a marathoner in his 40s who is pursuing a sub-4 marathon. I can relate to Steve in many ways - a similar marathon goal being just one of it. So do check out his website and download the podcasts. The older podcasts are in the Archive section and I highly recommend the Why We Run? chapter.

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