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Friday, June 23, 2006


As I was driving home yesterday, a radio DJ was asking listeners to tell him what kind of eulogies they'd like delivered at their funerals. In the midst of wrestling with the traffic jam, I got down to some thinking.

Here it is, at least those that I can think of:
  • I'd like to know that I've been a responsible husband and father, that I've provided them to the best of my abilities
  • That I've lived life full of "pia", which meant that I've given it all I've got
  • That I've lived a life that's free from guilt - I've not done anything to betray the trust of my spouse nor kids
  • That I've at least made a little difference in some people's lives, that I've inspired some to go beyond their pre-conceived boundaries
The above are certainly not conclusive and much like Life's Mission Statement, the list will expand and evolve. I'll be thinking more about this from now on. Thinking about them presents a wake-up call to me as those outstanding items that are yet to be done or achieved, had better be set upon or set right ASAP. There's a new urgency in Life, and you no longer waste unnecessary resource fretting about trivial matters. That's what I hope anyway.
So what would you like to hear at your funeral?


  • Just like you 'I had lived a life full of pia'. That is more than all I need for now :p

    By Blogger Boon Haw, at 2:08 PM  

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