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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Singapore Weather Revisited

I under-estimated the weather and over-estimated my fitness level and I paid dearly. I started out my run at about 8:30am but yesterday's cool and shady skies were missing. Instead the sun was exerting its power and the heat was unbearable. Starting too fast also contributed to my suffering. By the time Justin arrived, I was already dragging my feet into the 4th lap. I had drained half my water supply too. And I managed to last for another 2 more before calling it quits. My timing of 45:26 was the longest training run I've done in a long long while.

7:18 > 7:13 > 7:11 > 7:49 > 8:06 > 7:46 = 45:26. Average lap: 7:34


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