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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Carried By The Spirit of Pia

The next run for me is the PAR Run followed by the PJ Half Marathon. Again, with next-to-no training, I shall call upon the "Spirit of Pia" to see me through both events. Coined by Tey, this never-say-die attitude is typical of Der_Pacemakers and is usually visible near the end of the race as the runner winces his way to the finish. The "lau-sai" look is also etched into his countenance.


  • Jamie ah....that day klcc sub5 almost die...not lau sai face....no dare to run like that in klcc liao...but will pia at track meet lah..cause only 400metre mah..!! And also one year one time.

    But once we stand in starting line...always pia lah...except run and snap foto lah !

    Wish u all der best...in PAR and PJ Half,Hope can run pj half...!!

    By Blogger Tey, at 6:15 PM  

  • Haha Jamie,

    I prefer the lau sai look...it is way better...haha!!!

    By Blogger Boon Haw, at 7:16 PM  

  • jamie, believe it or not, me a beginner gonna tackle that 21K in PJ Half? gonna finish it no matter what, even if it means that i hv to crawl to the finish line. C u thre :D

    By Blogger PrincessRen, at 2:36 PM  

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