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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Singapore Marathon Event Handbook

I'm one person who likes to plan things way in advance - especially when travelling for an outstation race. Last year's edition allowed downloads of the event handbook from its official website. This informative handbook provides plenty of tips on the event from the runners as well as spectators. The thing I find most useful is the tent layout of the Padang, as I don't want to waste time looking for the baggage tents, the toilets and the Carnival area.

Anxious that there's been none posted on the website with 12 days to go, I emailed the Singapore organizers. Below are their reply for your information.

Dear Jamie Pang,

Thank you for your enquiries. All runners will receive an exclusive Race Entry Pack which will consist of the following:

• An Event Handbook (hard-copy only), Event Singlet, Race BIB number, and a host of other sponsor novelties
• A loaned ChampionChip for the latest and most accurate timing

Thank you for your interest in the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon

Have a nice day.

So it looks like I'll have to depend on the physical copy when I collect my race pack. And looks like we'll be getting an adidas vest this time around instead of an event T-Shirt - which is a good thing since we will be collecting our finisher's T-Shirts anyway. Hopefully the race pack will come in a nice bag.


  • Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for your wish. I wish you the same too. Hopefully you can do much better than last year. I still remember I actually saw you last year during running near the beach. At that time, I was already walking or dragging my knee to move. Haha. I'll be going on early Saturday morning.

    By Blogger Tan BoSe, at 1:53 PM  

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