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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Singapore Strategy

Hmmm... Those racing in Singapore would undoubtedly be formulating some race strategies. I've not really given it much of a thought besides aiming to maintain my pace and concentration, and staying relaxed for as long as possible - hopefully up to the 35K mark. That's pretty much it!
However on the other fronts, there are much strategizing to do. Like packing, getting ready the maps, running through some checklists, driving into Singapore, planning the itinerary for the clan's 4 days there, keeping the clan occupied and happy. The plan is as follows:
Dec 3rd
6am: Leave home
10:30: Arrive TUAS, custom and vehicle clearance
11:00: Driving into CBD
11:45: Arrive at Hotel, check-in early if room is available
12:30pm: Lunch or light snacking on the way to the Expo
1:30: Bib collection & Marathon Village/Expo
3:30: Free & Easy at Suntec City. If Carbokid wakes up after his noon nap, we'll hit Orchard Road. Wanna grab the GNC smoothie @ Tangs
6:00: Back to Hotel to shower
6:30: Dinner at Pastamania @ Funan with marathon gang. Order Carbokid a pizza
8:30: Leisure & charge digicam
10:00: Layout race gear, pin bib and gels, prepare drinks, set 3 alarms, pack digicam and fresh post-race clothes
10:30pm: Sing-alongs with Carbokid, stretch and lights-out
Dec 4th
3:50am: Wake up, toilet duties, stretch, eat & hydrate
5:00: Lace up! Walk to the Starting Line
6:00: Let out a loud whoop and join in the 42K Adventure
11:00: Hope to have finished, collected post-race goodies and take photos with buddies
12:00pm: Freshen up at Hotel and get ready for Sentosa
12:30pm: Leave Hotel for Harbour Front MRT
1:30 till 7:00: Lunch and tour Sentosa
8:00: Back to Hotel, dinner at Funan foodcourt. If still have energy, to explore around City Hall area
Dec 5th
7:00am: Rise & Shine, Breakfast at Hotel
8:30: Leave for Ang Mo Kio MRT, take cab to Zoo. Decide whether to return for the Night Safari or to skip it and tackle Orchard instead.
1:30pm: Orchard Road Marathon, free and easy rest of the day

Dec 6th
Morning: Breakfast at Hotel, free & easy
2:00pm: Goodbye Singapore! Hope I've done enough not to have to come back to exorcise you again in 2006!

Dec 7th - 11th
Damage Assessment (pocket and physical), review 2005 performance, plan 2006 race goals
Embark on DVD Marathon at home

Woo hoo! 10 days to go!


  • don't go to night safari. waste time. I visited the NS last March, mostly see the animals sleeping.
    or maybe , the timing was bad..

    By Anonymous chinpg@apekpg, at 5:22 PM  

  • Good Plan. But I doubt you can reach S'pore by 10.30am. It would take around 5hrs at least from KL to JB only, unless you are driving at 110kph all the way only then you can reach by that time. It's going to push your car to the max. Also when driving in JB, just take note of potholes. Some can be quite notorious especially in Pasir Gudang highway if you are passing by.

    By Blogger Boon Haw, at 6:23 PM  

  • Glad I'm not the only one feeling the pre race buzz.
    I can't stop thinking about the race. Can't wait to lace up on race morning and hit the start line. Just like you, I hope to stay loose and relaxed up to the dreded 37K mark. If I get past this point without the cramps rearing it's ugly head at me I'll be home free.


    By Anonymous Lawrence, at 6:37 PM  

  • Wah lau eh !!!

    Very good plan.

    Really admire you . Still have a lot of energy to explore Singapore even after the torturing but enjoyable run.

    By Anonymous Penguin 2, at 8:44 AM  

  • Hey, I'm also staying in Singapore until Tuesday. Might be going to Sentosa probably on Sunday itself or Monday. I've been to Night Safari earlier this year, the tour was really nice, but it's a bit short and the fees were quite expensive. Normally during the tour you can stop at a few station to have a short walk. The daytime zoo would be more interesting to visit. Enjoy yeah.

    By Blogger Tan BoSe, at 8:51 PM  

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