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Monday, October 24, 2005

Kam Siah & A Fine Example Of Der Pia Spirit

Thanks for all the wishes that came in via SMS and blog! PM17 aka CM was the first to SMS me (last night!) - he just refuses to "sapu lantai" anymore. And of all the senders, one was from SenHeng, yup the electrical/electronics chain store! How the heck...? Oh wait, it must be from the expired VIP card which I've destroyed long ago!

In my posting of yesterday I didn't mention that I saw Albert from the Bukit Bintang NB store again during the morning run. If you've ever bought a pair of NBs from Bukit Bintang, you'd know how large a build Albert has. A smoker (I'm not sure he quit already), he started running not long ago and made his road debut at the SJ 10K. His 10K PR is 70mins if I recall him telling me. Back to the story: when I got to the Duta junction at about 5:30am, he was already on the way back! I wasn't sure whether he was returning from Hartamas or just made the U-turn at the junction. Either way, with his shuffling pace, he must've started very very early! And was I startled to encounter him! I think Albert has taken over Jason aka PM23's mantle of personifying the "pia spirit"!


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