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Thursday, October 20, 2005

There's No Such Thing As Bad Weather, Only Weak Minds

That's what the famously hard core, the late Emil Zatopek professed by during his competitive days. During this wet month, the mantra had been my call to action. Evenings have been generally cool and occassionally wet, which makes running such a pleasurable and effortless activity. Not many people like running in the rain for fear of blisters or discomfort of squishy shoes. I'm not concerned about those 2 things but am cautious about catching a cold afterwards. But we can't just let a run go right? So I found myself at KLCC with Li Sar making laps in the increasingly heavy rain yesterday. We were supposed to do 8 minute laps but in the end I averaged 7:31 laps for 7 laps (had to leave early to pick up Carbokid). Li Sar continued on for another 3 I think. But I was surprised she kept on running despite the rain which got into our eyes, nose and mouth. We were not the only "crazy" ones getting soaked. There were 2 other guys there as well.

Monday: 56:15 for 7 laps (easy with a fast final lap). Avg lap: 8:02
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 52:37 for 7 laps (cruise mode). Avg lap: 7:31
Thursday: Target 8 to 9 laps (steady)
Friday: Target 8 to 9 laps (easy). Avg lap: 8:15
Saturday: Rest or max 5K
Sunday: 35K


  • Dr, I totally agreed with you. I just ran in the rain. Brought along my pager and H/P as I am on call. Run for 30min but have to cut short my run as my pager beeps.

    By Anonymous ahpekpg, at 9:09 PM  

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